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Jamie Lawler

Assistant Professor

Dr. Lawler 2018 301F Science Complex


[email protected]


Post-doctoral Fellowship - University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry
Clinical Internship - Hennepin County Medical Center
Ph.D. (Developmental Psychopathology & Clinical Science) University of Minnesota 
M.A. (Child Psychology) University of Minnesota
B.A. (Psychology) Emory University

Interests and Expertise

Dr. Jamie Lawler is a clinical and developmental psychologist with expertise in early adversity, parenting, and self-regulation. Her research program is grounded in developmental psychopathology and focuses on the impact of early life stress on the socioemotional development of children. She has a particular interest in the development of self-regulation, parent-child relationship factors that promote resilience, and interventions to support positive development in high-risk children. Her work examines developmental processes at multiple levels of analysis, incorporating biomarkers of stress, dyadic parent-child interactions, and environmental influences on parenting and child development. Her current research projects include: 1) A collaborative evaluation of the Michigan Infant Mental Health Home Visiting program,  2) A study of the development of self-regulation in early childhood, and 3) A longitudinal study of the antecedents of psychopathology in young children. She recently conducted an intervention study examining the effect of executive function training and mindfulness-based interventions on school-aged children’s self-regulation.

Her teaching interests include developmental psychology, child and adolescent treatment, and developmental psychopathology.

Selected Publications

Koss, K.,  Lawler, J. M.& Gunnar, M. R. (2019) Moderating effects of the post-adoption environment on recovery in post-institutionalized children. Development and Psychopathology. doi:10.1017/S0954579419001226

Lawler, J. M., Esposito, E.A., *Doyle, C., & Gunnar, M. R. (2019). A Preliminary, Randomized-Controlled Trial of Mindfulness and Game-Based Executive Function Trainings to Promote Self-Regulation in Internationally-Adopted Children. Development and Psychopathology. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0954579418001190

Lawler, J. M., Bocknek, E., McGinnis, E., Martinez-Torteya, C., & Muzik, M. (2018) Maternal postpartum depression increases vulnerability for toddler behavior problems through infant cortisol reactivity. Infancy.   https://doi.org/10.1111/infa.12271 

McGinnis, McGinnis, Hruschak, Bilek, Ip, Morelen, Lawler, J.M., Fitzgerald, Rosenblum, Muzik (2018). Wearable Sensors Outperform Behavioral Coding as Valid Marker of Childhood Anxiety and Depression. PlosOne.

Rosenblum, K. L., Lawler, J. M., Alafara, E., Miller, N., Schuster, M., & Muzik, M. (2017) Improving Maternal Representations in High-Risk Mothers: Randomized, Controlled Trial of the Mom Power Parenting Intervention. Child Psychiatry and Human Development.

Lawler, J. M., Koss, K. J., & Gunnar, M. R. (2017). Bidirectional effects of parenting and child behavior in internationally adopting families. Journal of Family Psychology, 31(5), 563-573.

Lawler, J. M., Rosenblum, K., Muzik, M., Ludtke, M., Weatherston, D., & Tableman, B. (2017) A Collaborative Process for Evaluating Infant Mental Health Home Visiting in Michigan. Psychiatric Services, 68(6), 535-538.

Lawler, J. M., Koss, K., Doyle, C., & Gunnar, M. R. (2016) The course of early disinhibited social engagement among post-institutionalized children. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 57(10), 1126-1134.

Lawler, J. M., Karaketin, C., & Gehrman, R. (2016). Maltreated Children and Their Families in Juvenile Court: II. Maltreatment Recidivism. Journal of Public Child Welfare. doi: 10.1080/15548732.2016.1141151

Raby, K. L., Lawler, J. M., Shlafer, R. J., Hesemeyer, P. S., Collins, W. A., & Sroufe, L. A. (2015). The interpersonal antecedents of supportive parenting: A prospective   longitudinal study from infancy to adulthood. Developmental Psychology.   

Lawler, J. M., Hostinar, C. E., Milner, S., & Gunnar, M. R. (2014) Disinhibited Social Engagement in Post-Institutionalized Children: Differentiating Normal from Atypical Behavior. Development and Psychopathology 26(2), 451-464.

Lab Information

The Self-regulation, Early Experience, and Development (SEED) lab is located in 348 MJ Science Complex. Visit the lab website to learn about the SEED lab members, their current Projects, and info about joining the lab.  Contact Dr. Lawler with questions.

If you are interested in participating in research please join the EMU Family Participant Pool