Eastern Michigan University
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The Psychology Department would like to welcome our new faculty members, Drs. Eamonn Arble and Alexandros Maragakis.


Eamonn Arble, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Eamonn Arble's clinical and research efforts are largely focused upon personality assessment and the psychometric evaluation and construction of new personality measures, as well as the primary prevention of trauma among vulnerable populations.  His treatment approach is integrative and eclectic, with a particular interest in psychodynamic and interpersonal processes.  He received his Ph.D. from Wayne State University, and earlier received an M.S. from Eastern Michigan University.   He has trained at numerous facilities, including the Mary. A. Rackham Institute, the John D. Dingell Veteran's Administration, the Center for Forensic Psychiatry, and Detroit Receiving Hospital.



 Dr. Alexandros Maragakis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Alexandros Maragakis received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno after completing his internship at the VA Maryland Health Care System and the University of Maryland, Baltimore Psychology Internship Consortium. His research interests include using quality-improvement methods to develop and implement integrated primary and behavioral healthcare systems, and developing brief interventions to be used in the primary care setting. His current primary research focus is on which components of integrated care systems account for improvements in health outcomes, reduction in healthcare costs, and overall improvement in satisfaction.