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Angela Staples

Assistant Professor

staples 301Q Science Complex




Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Virginia, 2010-2012
Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, 2010

Interests and Expertise

The goal of my research is to better understand how expressing, perceiving, and regulating emotions during conversations shows continuity and change across the lifespan. My lab is currently working on two projects. The first project investigates the consequences of sleep disruption for regulation (affect, attention, behavior) during interactions between parents and young children (2 - 4 years of age). The second question is seeking a better understanding of age-related differences affective regulation during face-to-face communication between younger and older adults.

Selected Publications

Petersen, I. T., Hoyniak, C. P., McQuillan, M. E., Bates, J. E., & Staples, A. D. (to appear). Measuring the development of inhibitory control: The challenge of heterotypic continuity. Developmental Review

Boker, S. M., Staples, A. D., & Hu, Y. (to appear). Dynamics of Change and Change in Dynamics. Journal for Person-Oriented Research

Hoyniak, C. P., Petersen, I. T., McQuillan, M. E., Staples, A. D., & Bates, J. E. (2015). Less efficient neural processing related to irregular sleep and less sustained attention in toddlers. Developmental Neuropsychology, 40(3), 155-66. doi:10.1080/87565641.2015.101616

Staples, A. D., Bates, J. E., & Petersen, I. T. (2015). IX. Bedtime routines in early childhood: Prevalence, consistency, and associations with nighttime sleep. Monographs of the Society Research Child Development, 80(1), 141-59. doi:10.1111/mono.1214

Staples, A. D., & Bates, J. E. (2013). Developmental science in the study of sleep. In A. R. Wolfson & H. E. Montgomery-Downs (Eds.), The oxford handbook of infant, child, and adolescent sleep and behavior (pp. 24-33). New York, NY: Oxford University Press

Lansford, J. E., Staples, A. D., Bates, J. E., Pettit, G. S., & Dodge, K. A. (2013). Trajectories of mothers' discipline strategies and interparental conflict: Interrelated change during middle childhood. Journal of Family Communication, 13(3), 178-195. doi:10.1080/15267431.2013.79694

Staples, A. D., & Bates, J. E. (2011). Children's sleep deficits and cognitive and behavioral adjustment. In Sleep and development: Familial and socio-cultural considerations (pp. 133-163). New York: Oxford University Press

Courses Taught:
205 Quantitative Methods in Psychology
301W Introductory Experimental Psychology
600 Psychological Statistics I
601 Psychological Statistics II