FAR Lab Projects

"The other side of every fear is freedom." -Marilyn Ferguson

Augmented Reality Exposure Therapy (ARET) for Specific Phobia.

The Augmented Reality Exposure Therapy (ARET) for Specific Phobias project is currently evaluating the efficacy of augmented reality technology to deliver therapy for spider and snake phobia. This technology is offered by the Wayne State University STARC Lab and can generate realistic images of spiders and snakes that can interact with physical environments using machine learning software. This project aims to answer questions regarding acceptability of the therapy, ease of use by therapists, and time-series relationships between fear and stimuli intensity.

Racial Trauma Study

Racial and Ethnic Minority individuals in the US experience significant stressors and potentially traumatic events, due to discrimination and prejudice against their race. In our lab, we are interested in understanding racial trauma through a multi-pronged approach.  First, we are interested in learning what the best ways to assess racial trauma are. We are also interested in learning how other kinds of trauma, including adverse childhood interactions can interact with racial trauma and lead to adverse consequences. Lastly, we are researching the consequences of racial trauma including psychopathology, substance use, and general functioning.

Assessing the Relationship Between Audience, Trait Anxiety, and Sport Performance in Competition During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This study focuses on social facilitation theory and competitive anxiety in sports. It investigates the performance of simple and complex tasks in collegiate athletes with and without crowds during the COVID-19 pandemic. Levels of trait anxiety are evaluated in the participants and in the analysis of performance.

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