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General Experimental Masters of Science in Psychology

The General Experimental Masters program produces masters-level psychologists with general knowledge of psychology in various content areas, research methodologies and theoretical formulations. Based on a mentor model, the program of study, training and thesis are supervised by one or more faculty members.

The General Experimental program does not prepare or qualify the student for a license in the State of Michigan as a clinical psychologist. It accommodates students preparing for doctoral programs or seeking career advancement in a basic or applied research area.

The deadline for Fall GE MS applications is FEBRUARY 1.

If the 1st falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted through the following business day.

Contact psy_xgrad@emich.edu if you have any questions.

This program only accepts applications for FALL semester. 

Please use information listed on our Psychology Graduate Admission Information Page for instructions on how to apply. 

Program Information

Affiliated Experimental Faculty by area

A number of departmental faculty are actively involved in teaching and mentoring students in the experimental program. All students admitted into the program will be assigned a faculty mentor who may best facilitate that students research interests. It is advised that applicants identify a potential faculty when they submit their materials. Below is a listing of faculty currently affiliated with the experimental M.S. program (arranged by focal area).

Behavioral | Drs. M. Bonem, Drossel, Koch, Todd, & Waltz

Cognitive/Developmental | Drs. Bo, Chow, Janisse, Lajiness-O'NeillLoverich, Peterson, & Staples

Physiological | Drs. Breza & Rusiniak

Social/Personality | Drs. Chow, Dove, Jefferson, & McIntyre

Admission information

  • Please do not send anything to Eastern Michigan University. Everything should be submitted through PSYCAS!
  • Apply to the EXP Program - PSYCAS
  • EMU Graduate Catalog Admission Information
  • GRE Information - Our psychology programs have become increasingly competitive, and we realize that many students utilize test prep programs to prepare for the GRE to increase the chance of getting a good score.  Reviews.com reviewed many GRE programs and came up with the top four they recommend. Check out their recommendations here


All international transcripts must be evaluated by Educational Perspectives (EP), including all Canadian transcripts.

Additional information for international students can be found at:                                                                http://www.emich.edu/graduate/prospective_students/admissions/requirements.php

All applicants to the Graduate School with non-U.S. post secondary credentials must submit an evaluation of their credentials to EMU. Educational Perspectives (EP) is the credential evaluation service that provides evaluations of international educational credentials for applicants to EMU.

  • Order the "Detailed" report (course by course evaluation) for $135.00.
  • The evaluation takes five business days from when the EP application, payment and all of the documents needed for an evaluation, are received at EP. EP will then send the evaluation to you and EMU upon completion.
  • Visit EMU's EP site, here, for details on how to submit the evaluation request and obtain an EP application form. This evaluation will be used to determine if you are eligible for admission to EMU, if your non-U.S. institution is recognized, and your U.S.-equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA).