Eastern Michigan University
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Graduate Programs in Psychology

Please do not send anything to Eastern Michigan University. Everything should be submitted through PSYCAS!

The psychology department calls for additional requirements beyond what is required for graduate admissions at the university level. A complete application for psychology applicants should include:

  • Official GRE scores
  • Official English Language Proficiency Test Scores if required
  • PSYCAS Application and Fee                                                                                     
  • Official Transcripts – MUST be sent from ALL schools in which college credit was received, including dual enrollment in high school and study abroad programs. Per university guidelines, transcripts MUST be sent from each school in which the credit was received, even if the transfer credit is reflected on another transcript.
  • Curriculum Vita/Resume
  • Writing Sample that demonstrates scholarly ability (typically a research paper)
  • Personal Statement
  • Diversity Essay
  • Letters of Recommendation & Form, if needed
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation are required for the PhD, CB and GC program.
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation are required for the Experimental program.

For questions or clarification, please email the program in which you are applying.

Clinical Doctoral: [email protected]                    Clinical Behavioral Masters: [email protected]

Experimental Masters: [email protected]        General Clinical Masters: [email protected]         

 Clinical Doctoral | PhD

The purpose of the doctoral program is to graduate license-eligible clinical psychologists with state-of-the-art knowledge relating to the psychological practice of assessment, therapy, and research. The program offers clinical supervision from multi-theoretical approaches (ranging from applied behavior analysis to dynamic). A primary program objective is the preparation of clinical psychologists who will be effective in supervising and managing therapists in multidisciplinary mental health care delivery systems in a diverse society.

Clinical Behavioral | MS | Please note: Applicants may apply to ONE masters program ONLY.

The Clinical Behavioral MS program teaches students to understand, predict and influence internal and external behavior by utilizing evolving behavioral theory and good science. The training is compromised of foundational knowledge of behavioral psychology, behavior analysis, psychological assessment, and psychotherapy (behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and third-wave behavioral therapies). Students complete their training in supervised applied experiences in the field. The program prepares students for licensure and clinical practice at the master's level in the state of Michigan, certification in behavior analysis (BCBA), and doctoral study in psychology. The Clinical-Behavioral course sequence is approved for the Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA) credential.

General Clinical | MS | Please note: Applicants may apply to ONE masters program ONLY.

The General Clinical Master's program provides a multi-theoretical view of psychological disorders that emphasizes assessment, diagnosis, and treatment from various perspectives (including dynamic and interpersonal). The program trains students in the practice of current, professionally accepted methods of psychological assessment and psychotherapy based upon various theoretical perspectives of personality and psychopathology. The program prepares students for licensure and clinical practice at the master's level as a Limited License Psychologist (LLP) in the state of Michigan, and it trains students in the design and analysis of clinical research.

Experimental | MS | Please note: Applicants may apply to ONE masters program ONLY.

The General Experimental Masters program produces masters-level psychologists with general knowledge of psychology in various content areas, research methodologies and theoretical formulations. Based on a mentor model, the program of study, training and thesis are supervised by one or more faculty members. The General Experimental program does not prepare or qualify the student for a license in the State of Michigan as a clinical psychologist. It accommodates students preparing for doctoral programs or seeking career advancement in a basic or applied research area.