Eastern Michigan University
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Comparing the Effects of Role-Models vs. Mentors across Domains

The social cognition lab is looking for new undergraduate research assistants to help out with ongoing and upcoming research. Part of this study will be examining the effects of role-models vs. mentors across educational, occupational, lab, and clinical/health domains. We will be coding for a variety of variables associated with each study in an attempt to identify conditions which affect the benefits derived from the role-model vs. mentor relationship. Student researchers will become familiar with various procedures associated with conducting a meta-analysis, an incredibly valuable skill in the growing research field of psychology. 

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:

Student researchers' responsibilities will include reading various studies, analyzing, and coding them for specific variables.

Minimum Qualifications:

Students should be:

1) Willing to commit to a minimum of 9 hours per week (one hour in-person meeting time, while the rest of the time you can work remote/from home). Generally prefer a two semester commitment.
2) Interested in applying to graduate school upon graduation
3) Doing well in class (CGPA > 3.0)
4) Preferably willing to complete the research experience as an independent projects class at EMU (PSY 497, 498,  499).

Contact Information:

Lilah Clevey, BA
Doctoral Candidate
[email protected]
Rusty McIntyre, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
[email protected]