Eastern Michigan University
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Dating Goals and Relationship Quality in Emerging Adulthood

This study examines how different goals of dating relationships (e.g., intimacy, status, sexual) would influence how emerging adults (18 to 25 years old) behave in a romantic relationship, and whether they feel satisfy with their partner. We collect data from dating couples and the procedures involves questionnaires survey and laboratory observation.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:

Student researchers' responsibilities may include: recruit participants, scheduling and conduct research session, data management, coding video-recorded interactions, read and summarize literatures on emerging adults' relationships, and attend laboratory meeting.

Minimum Qualifications:

Students should be:
1) Interested in research on relationships and developmental psychology
2) Willing to commit to a minimum of 6 hours per week (including lab meeting) and preferably, for two semesters
3) Interested in applying to graduate school upon graduation
4) Doing well in class (CGPA > 3.0)
5) Familiar with basic statistics and research methods

Contact Information:
Chong Man Chow, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
[email protected]