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Feeding and Attachment Study

This project is a collaboration with the University of Michigan and is housed in the Department of Pediatrics (PI: Amy Drayton, PhD). For this project, we are examining whether or not intensive behavioral interventions for children with serious feeding disorders affect the parent-child relationship, including parenting feelings and behaviors and attachment quality.

Student Tasks & Responsibilities:

Research Assistant Tasks and responsibilities: Currently, research assistants may be needed to: a) attend lab visits with participants at University of Michigan labs (Pediatrics), b) schedule meetings with participants, c) recruit participants, and d) conduct literature reviews. Team meetings may occur throughout the year and are expected and strongly recommended (and required depending on type of task being done). Initial training to properly conduct the lab visits will be required for all new research assistants.

Minimum Qualifications:

Research assistants should be able to reserve 1-3 chunks of time in their schedule to be available for lab visits, which typically last about 2 hours (plus travel to and from UM). A car or some other way to get to UM for lab visits will be needed.

Contact Information:
Alissa Huth-Bocks, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
[email protected]