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Environmental Health & Safety

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  • Report related concerns or issues to 734.487.0794

Environmental Health & Safety


The primary objective of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is to assist the campus community in complying with safety, health and environmental regulations.  The University must also be a good steward of the environment and public health.  Compliance is achieved through training, awareness, inspections and prompt attention to safety and environmental concerns.  By working together, a safe environment for working, learning, living and visiting is provided.


In January, James McEvers joined the EHS staff filling the newly created laboratory compliance manager position. James is responsible for laboratory safety and training, hazardous waste, laser safety, biological safety and radiation safety. Please join EHS in welcoming James to EMU.


Responsibility for the Radiation Safety Program has recently been transferred to Environmental Health and Safety.  We will update the web site to include Radiation Safety Program information and forms in the near future.  If you need assistance with radiological work, please contact EHS at 7-0794 or the Radiation Safety Officer, Dr. Steven Francoeur at 7-0049.