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Learning Beyond The Classroom


Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) is one of the requirements instilled by Eastern Michigan University for a student to complete their general education. For LBC, the student must complete/fulfill the requirements for two of six possible categories. The good news, EMU Stormwater now falls under the Community Service, Citizenship and Leadership category.

This means that students can fulfill a requirement/category, while at the same time helping aid the community they're a part of through active participation.

Students who participate in the EMU Stormwater program will not only gain valuable hands on experience, but also...


  • A chance to participate in the development, maintenance, and/or change of community standards and norms.
  • Be able to participate in service or volunteer activities.
  • The chance to develop leadership skills and to learn to work cooperatively with others.
  • The opportunity to develop skills related to future life and career pursuits and to develop and practice empathy.



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