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Informative Links


State of the Great Lakes Report – One of the most comprehensive and up to date reports available to the public. It is published yearly and includes an in depth analysis of the Great Lakes current state, along with plans for restoration.


Huron River Watershed Council – The Huron River Watershed Council's (HRWC) origin goes as far back as 1956, and was developed to help monitor the Huron River's water conditions and discuss the best way to develop and utilize the river. While the council has no enforcement powers itself, it is comprised of dedicated volunteers, local agencies and businesses. Together they are a powerful force, that contributes to the health and longevity of the river, and all of its inhabitants. Today, the Huron is considered the cleanest urban river in Michigan.


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) started in 1995 when it was developed to take on the environmental health programs related to drinking water and radiological protection. Until then, the programs were run by Michigan's Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). Since then, the department has been delegated many more programs and has grown lots. The department is a valuable resource as they provide rules, regulations and programs to keep out waters and their related environments clean.


Great Lakes Information Network – An excellent source to keep you updated on all things Great Lake related. Here you can choose your own interests and learn about the lakes, their environment, the economy, education, maps and geographic information systems (GIS) and tourism.


National Wildlife Federation: Great Lakes – Another quality site; much like the Great Lakes Information Network. However, on this site the National Wildlife Federation has broken the United States down by region, so not only can you learn about the great lakes environment, but you can see what makes them so special by comparing them to other nearby regions.


Environmental Protection Agency - Of course our list of links would not be complete without the Environmental Protection agency (EPA) website. Established by President Richard Nixon in 1970, it remains the most substantial protection agency in the United States today.