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Environmental Health & Safety

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EMU Stormwater


Here at Eastern Michigan University, we are committed to maintaining the environmental integrity of our property by helping improve our stormwater quality through a stormwater permit program. By way of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Initiative (SWPPI), EMU can reduce to the maximum extent practicable, the discharge of storm water pollutants to the surface waters of the community. EMU Physical Plant staff members are knowledgeable in stormwater protection activities and are held responsible for making sure the appropriate knowledge and actions to upkeep the campus community's portion of the Middle Huron River Watershed are maintained.

To find out more about SWPPI, how the watershed is maintained, and what you can do to help, please visit the corresponding links.


                                                                  EMERGENCY - ?

If you've identified what you believe to be hazardous flooding please call one of the following prioritized reporting lines below. After calling, please visit the provided link for more information on flooding safety.
EMU: Emergency Management: Flooding Safety
If you've identified what you believe to be pollution within the community's environment, and you believe it to be hazardous to the stormwater system, please call one of the prioritized reporting lines below.
EMU Stormwater Flooding / Pollution Emergency Contacts