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Soil Erosion and Sediment Control



The SESC Program is mandated under the NPDES II Permit. The program is required by the state to regulate the pollution of Michigan waters by improper construction site management practices.

Sediment is the greatest pollutant by volume impacting our lakes, streams, and wetlands and is the product of uncontrolled erosion. Construction is one of the largest contributors to the erosion problem in Michigan. Without proper planning and management, over 100 tons of sediment per acre per year can be generated from some construction sites. With the SESC Program in place, EMU can help prevent Michigan's growing erosion and sedimentation problem.


Erosion and Sedimentation Results in:

  • A loss of fertile topsoil
  • The filling of lakes and streams
  • Increased flooding
  • Damage to plant and animal life
  • Structural damage (buildings and roads)


Washtenaw County: Grading/Soil and Sedimentation Control Ordinance