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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan


An SWPPP is developed so that the state / federal government can confirm that a facilities stormwater discharges and their impacts on the environment are properly monitored. In its creation measures are planned to make sure potential sources of pollutants in stormwater discharges can be identified and prevented from reaching the middle Huron Watershed. This is done by identifying structural and non-structural controls that will be put in place to minimize possible negative impacts caused by offsite storm water discharges, to the community. The purpose of these controls is to minimize erosion, run-off of pollutants and sediment.


An SWPPP Includes...

  • A map that details the type of work, processes and storage areas
  • A topographic map extending one-quarter of a mile beyond the property boundaries (for determining discharge locations)
  • An estimate of the overall runoff coefficient.
  • A narrative description of significant materials, onsite storage/disposal, materials management practices, loading and access areas, existing structural and nonstructural controls, and storm water treatment processes;
  • A list of any significant spills and/or leaks of toxic or hazardous pollutants (three years prior to the effective date of the storm water permit, up to the present);
  • A list of any pollutants that are limited in relevant effluent guidelines;
  • The direction of storm water flow and an estimate of the types of pollutants present within the flow.
  • Existing sampling data
  • Any allowable non-storm water discharges.

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SWPPP Monthly Inspection & Good Housekeeping Report      (Appendix A)

SWPPP Comprehensive Inspection Report                              (Appendix B)

Annual SWPPP Review Form                                                  (Appendix C)

EMU Spill Response Plan                                                         (Appendix D)

Spill Reporting Sheet                                                               (Appendix E)