Eastern Michigan University

Environmental Health & Safety

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Fire Alarms and Voice Over Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm

Eastern Michigan takes the risk of fire in campus buildings extremely seriously.  All buildings are equipped with fire alarm systems that automatically send a signal to EMU Public Safety when activated.  This allows us to dispatch the fire department before we even receive a call decreasing response time.  

Most buildings have alarm systems that are a combined siren and strobe.  These systems are designed to help people with disabilities identify when the alarm is going off.  In case of the alarm being activated, all occupants are required to exit the building by law.  After evacuating, report to your designated meeting area.

Over 25 buildings on campus are equipped with Voice-over Fire Alarms (VoFA).  These systems allow a message to be broadcast throughout the building along with the siren and strobe.  EMU Public Safety has the ability to convey generic messages or building specific messages through these fire alarms in order to give directions to people inside of a building. 

In the case of a fire alarm being activated, everyone inside of the building is required, by law, to evacuate the building.  If your building has completed a Building Emergency Plan, report to the Designated Meeting Area.  If it has not, leave the immediate area of the building leaving driveways open to emergency vehicles.