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Environmental Health & Safety

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Building Emergency Plans

The Building Emergency Plan is designed to provide students, faculty, staff and visitors basic emergency response information, to include shelter-in-place and building evacuation, for natural and human-made events.

The BEP provides critical information that each individual needs to be familiar with when there is an emergency in the building. All building occupants need to review, understand, and practice their Building Emergency Plan (BEP) information and procedures, including emergency alerting, notification, BEP Coverevacuation, and shelter-in-place procedures.

As a member of the Eastern Michigan University campus community, you should also be familiar with the EMU Emergency Response Procedures. This document describes the specific procedures to follow for a variety of emergency situations. 

Not all buildings have a BEP as it is a time intensive process.  However, plans that have been completed are available here.

If you are interested in creating or proposing to your building administrator creating a BEP for your building, please contact EMU Emergency Management.  A template is available by clicking the link below to get you started.

EMU Building Emergency Plans Template