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Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Disasters and emergencies will occur and a basic premise of emergency management is that all incidents begin and end locally. Knowing this, safety and preparedness continue to be at the forefront for Eastern Michigan University. Furthermore, the University understands the importance of resiliency and the capability to provide essential services to the campus community. The University’s ability to minimize the impact and limit the interruption to its mission will rely on the existing levels of preparedness among the University’s divisions, faculty, staff and students. 

The purpose of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) is to identify procedures and organizational structure for response to emergencies that cause a significant disruption to all or portions of the University. This plan will:

  1. Present a proactive response designed to protect students, staff and faculty, as well as the community and the environment in case of a major emergency or disaster.
  2. Outline and assign responsibilities for coping with emergencies affecting the safety and well being of people and/or facilities on campus.
  3.   Facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements of Federal, State and local agencies.
  4. Enhance the University's ability to quickly return to normal operations following an emergency or disaster.

This plan establishes the foundation for emergency management mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery at Eastern Michigan University. It describes the roles and responsibilities of divisions, departments, units and personnel during emergency situations. The basic emergency tasks and responsibilities are designed to protect lives and property through effective use of university and community resources. This includes assessing an emergency situation, coordinating a response effort and, most importantly, ensuring that individuals are informed, safely evacuated or sheltered and accounted for.