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Environmental Health & Safety

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Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

COOP is an effort within individual departments and agencies to ensure continuity of their essential functions across a wide range of emergencies and events.  EMU can be equated to a small community. Each unit, department, college, division and campus contributes to University life.  In the event of an emergency, each unit needs to be able to provide uninterrupted basic services to employees, students and visitors.

Continuity of Operations Planning works to reach the following goals:

Ensure timely and orderly continuous performance of essential functions during and after an emergency

Protect facilities, equipment, records, and other assets that support essential functions

Reduce or mitigate disruptions to operations

Facilitate reconstitution and devolution after an emergency

Minimize loss of life, injury, and property damage

Provide support for university personnel during an emergency

COOPs are completed by individual units within the University with help from the Emergency Management Office.