Eastern Michigan University

Environmental Health & Safety

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  • For assistance call 734.487.0799


Explosion In Your Building

  1. Immediately take cover under tables, desks or other such objects.
  2. If directed to do so by EMU Public Safety, activate the building alarm system.
  3. After the effects of the explosion have subsided, evacuate the building and call EMU Public Safety at 734.487.1222 or call 911. Give your name, location, and a description of the event.
  4. Assist injured and persons with disabilities with evacuation, if possible.
  5. Exit via the stairways. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  6. Once outside, move to an area at least 300 feet away from the affected building.
  7. Keep roadways and walkways clear for emergency response personnel and vehicles.
  8. Await further instructions from EMU Public Safety or other identified first responders.

If You Are Trapped In Debris

  1. If possible, use a flashlight to signal your location to rescuers.
  2. Avoid unnecessary movement so that you don't kick up dust.
  3. Cover your nose and mouth with anything you have on hand. (Dense-weave cotton material can act as a good filter. Try to breathe through the material.)
  4. Tap on a pipe or wall so that rescuers can hear where you are.
  5. If possible, use a whistle to signal rescuers.
  6. Shout only as a last resort. Shouting can cause a person to inhale dangerous amounts of dust.

Explosion At A Nearby Building / Campus Vicinity

  1. EMU Public Safety will evaluate the need for immediate evacuation and communicate directions to the campus community.
  2. If advised to evacuate, commence evacuation according to procedures in the Building Emergency Plan.

Following An Explosion

  1. Be aware of structural damage.
  2. When evacuating, stay clear of glass and windows.
  3. Do not touch, handle r move any suspicious objects.
  4. Assist others, especially the injured and handicapped when evacuating the building.