Eastern Michigan University

Environmental Health & Safety

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  • For assistance call 734.487.0799



Upcoming Events



All Outdoor Emergency Speakers and in-building speakers at Halle Library

and Warner Gymnasium

9-26-14 All Outdoor Emergency Speakers and all in-building speaker systems. Test of text, email, Twitter and Facebook emergency alerting through RaveMobile. 12:00pm
10-24-14 All Outdoor Emergency Speakers and in-building speakers at Buell Hall and Wise Hall 12:00pm
11-21-14 All Outdoor Emergency Speakers and in-building speakers the Parking Structure and Goddard Hall 12:00pm
12-19-14 All Outdoor Emergency Speakers and in-building speakers at the St. Joe's Sports Dome (indoor practice facility) 12:00PM



Past Events

Date of Event                                                Description After Action Report


Announced Full-Scale Exercise of EOC operations and response capabilities.

Available on request


Announced Tabletop Exercise focusing on a long-term power outage and loss of subsequent infrastructure to the university. Key objectives were on decision-making for campus closure and/or evacuation.

Available on request

10-23-12 Unannounced Tabletop Exercise simulating a bacterial meningitis outbreak on campus. Focus on procedures for infectious disease control. Available on request
8-26-13 Announced Functional exercise based on explosion at Rynearson Stadium. Functional objectives to test evacuation procedures and incident management. Available on request
11-19-13 Unannounced tabletop Exercise simulating a hazardous materials incident on campus. key objectives to evaluate decision-making for protective actions, including evacuation of campus. Available on request


After-action reports are available by contacting the EMU Emergency Management Office at 734-487-0799 or email at [email protected]