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Fire Extinguisher Training

The Emergency Management Office offers training on fire safety and the use of a portable fire extinguisher to all University personnel. The training is National Fire Protection Agency compliant and is tailored to fit the needs of the group being trained. On campus, you are not allowed to use a fire extinguisher unless properly trained. We would rather you pull the fire alarm, leave the building and call the Department of Public Safety than attempt to fight the fire without training.

Training consists of a 30 minute presentation from trained Emergency Management staff followed by a 30 hands on training. These times may be more or less depending the size of the class, questions and other factors. All training is customized to meet the needs of the group being trained which may also have an effect on the length of the course.

All participants in classes must sign a liability waiver prior to beginning training. Contact the Emergency Management Office for information about this process.

Please place class requests no less than three weeks before your preferred class date. An Emergency Management staff member will contact you to schedule a date, time and location and discuss the training method that will best fit your needs.

Multiple methods of training are available depending on weather, location, time and cost.

Digital/Indoor Training

In order to provide fire extinguisher training year round, even during winter, we offer a digital fire extinguisher training system that can be used indoors and does not leave a mess behind.Bullex digital fire training system This is ideal for groups in a conference room, a Resident Advisor hosting a program for residents or any training during the winter. The system allows maximum realism without the safety concerns and mess of the live fire systems. There is no cost for this training.

Live Fire/Outdoor Training

Using a BullEx Live Fire Training system students will have the ability to use a refillable water fire extinguisher to fight a real fire. This propane fed system gives complete control of the fire to the operator to maximize safety while creating a life like experience. All participants will be required to wear personal protective equipment including gloves, closed toe shoes and goggles. This training is provided at no charge to University personnel and organizations.

Two C-CERT members learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

Through the City of Ypsilanti Fire Department we also offer fire extinguisher training using a oil and gasoline mixture in a burn pan. This method gives participants the most realistic firefighting experience. Live, or real, fire extinguishers will be used on a live fire under the supervision of the Fire Department. The Fire Department provides this training as a service to the community. There is a cost to acquire the live fire extinguishers. Please contact the Emergency Management Office to request pricing options.