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League of Legends screen shot

League of Legends

A Team

  • Michael Dang - Head Coach
  • Zach “ToothlessKnight” Farrow - Top Lane/Manager
  • Will “Bipples” Gaines - Jungler
  • Lance “Dongeritis” Moorer - Mid Lane
  • Ryan “WafflePig” Bodary - ADC
  • Caleb “Solaires” Yager - Support

B Team

  • Chris Beauchene - Assistant Coach
  • “Asidy” - Top Lane
  • Spencer “JJavlee McGee” Kufta - Jungler
  • Hamza MillySilly - Mid Lane
  • Patrick “Msu” Williams - ADC
  • Cory “Crr” Roberts - Support
Super Smash Brothers screen shot
Overwatch screen shot


Counter Strike Global Offensive screen shot

Counter Strike Global Offensive

  • Blake Strings, "Strings"
  • Zachary Peterson, "Doggzofwar"
  • Patrick Bauman, "Aurora"
  • Skyler Koleda, "Croissant"
  • Colin Wilson, "Nanosplitter"
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege