Eastern Michigan University
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Kristen Klochko

Group Fitness Instructor

Kristen Klochko 100 Olds/Robb Building


[email protected]


Kristen is studying for her master’s in business administration, here at Eastern Michigan and is a Graduate Assistant for the department [email protected] She works daily to help Ypsilanti grow and prosper, while creating partnerships with the university and the community. She also has a bachelor’s in psychology and neuroscience. Kristen have always taken a special interest in mental health and body positivity. Her undergraduate studies gave her the space to understand these topics on a deeper level. Kristen learned how to connect with others and related to their situations regarding health and mental well being. 

Interests and Expertise

Kristen is a certified pop pilates instructor. She has always been active, but once cheerleading and dance ended after high school, it was difficult for her to find an activity that kept her motivated. Kristen found Pop Pilates at the start of her college years. Six year later, the engaging routines and upbeat pop hits have made it easy for her to commit to an active lifestyle using this workout. Her fitness regimen also includes running, Zumba, and HIIT routines. 

Kristen is excited to spread the joy she has for fitness with others and to expand the Pop Army! Her workouts feel like a dance on the mat and she looks forward to sharing this with others. Kristen is here to motivate, engage, and boost her student’s confidence both physically and mentally. 

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