Eastern Michigan University
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Michaela Robichaud

Personal Training and Body Building

Michaela Robichaud 100 Olds/Robb Building


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Currently pursuing a Major in Sports Performance, with a minor in Fitness Entrepreneurship at EMU.

Interests and Expertise

American Council of Exercise (ACE) CPT

Michaela is currently the Vice President of External Affairs for her major. She has been a part of athletics for over 15 years, played in the NAIA College basketball Division for 1 year, and is currently a member of the LLC Business called Juggernaut as a Figure competitor.
With an interest in Human Performance and Fitness Leadership, she is actively dedicated on changing the lives of individuals in physical activity across the lifespan. She applies her knowledge about Professionals in Fitness and Leadership by motivating others to grow beyond their expectations through physical, mental, and emotional experiences.
“My main goal is to change the lives of individuals by providing excellence in fitness leadership by ensuring a healthy lifestyle and promising a happy heart.

I believe that by creating a positive and motivating atmosphere, you will be able to successfully reach goals that you never imaged. By providing you with proper exercise techniques and healthier eating habits, together we will help you create a better YOU!

Fitness is a choice and it is in my blood to educate you and help you become more knowledgeable about the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.”

Michaela's philosophy:
“If people aren’t laughing at your goals, then they aren’t set high enough.”

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