Eastern Michigan University
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Zach Peterson

Personal Trainer

zachpeterson 100 Olds/Robb Building


[email protected]


Currently studying Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer

Interests and Expertise

Zachary Peterson was introduced to weight training at age 11 in a strength training class offered at his school. After moving to a new school district at age 14, Zachary used strength training to make friends by joining the football team. This allowed him to connect with his peers and made the transition easier. Friendships grew in the weight room and he learned essential knowledge. As time went on, Zachary discovered his love for training teammates and other classmates. He became an ACE-certified trainer and began working at a private facility owned by an old football coach. Zachary has worked with all ages ranging from 11 to 86, as well as a variety of paraplegic clients and even one with a severe case of Parkinson's Disease. Zachary sees every client as a challenge and will always put his best foot forward.

Zachary's goal in fitness is to open his own personal training facility, at affordable rates, so that all walks of life can get the one-on-one training services they need. He approaches every client the way he would want to be approached. As a result, there is mutual respect and he can provide clients with the accountability they need. Zachary specializes in High Intensity Training. This method covers the aspects of lifting and cardio in a full body workout every time. "I am not here to take your money or waste your time. I will give you the safest, most efficient workout to help you to reach your goals".

Zach’s Philosophy: "It takes three times as long, to do something twice. So, do it right the first time." -Unknown

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