Alyssa Miller

A photo of Alyssa Miller

Facility Scheduling & Student Supervisors Graduate Assistant


110J Olds-Robb


[email protected]


  • Graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Pursuing Master of Science in Clinical Behavioral Psychology


Alyssa was employed at the Rec/IM as student staff from January 2015-June 2019 where she created new programming for the front counter, updated training in multiple domains, hired and trained over 50 staff members, and worked as a supervisor and office assistant to the assistant director. She has returned to the Rec/IM in the fall of 2019 as an Employee Consultant to assist the facility in their renovation efforts while preparing to go to graduate school.

Alyssa is now in her master's program studying cognitive behavioral psychology. She is a graduate assistant for the Rec/IM overseeing facility scheduling, supervisor hiring and scheduling, and risk management.

Alyssa enjoys working with the staff at the Rec/IM because they are caring and kind people who want to help all of their employees succeed. She loves that her position allows her to the freedom to create new programming. Alyssa wants to be able to make a difference in the lives of students through teaching student staff skills that they can take with them in future positions.

Outside of the Rec/IM, Alyssa makes videos for YouTube and is a research assistant for Behavior Analysis Research Lab. She enjoys doing yoga, meditating, and taking walks with her rescue dog.