The Board of Regents is the governing body of Eastern Michigan University. Its current format was created when the State of Michigan ratified a new constitution Jan. 6, 1964. The Board is comprised of eight regents who are appointed to eight-year terms by the governor.

"Other institutions of higher education established by law having authority to grant baccalaureate degrees shall each be governed by a board of control which shall be a body corporate. The board shall have general supervision of the institution and the control and direction of all expenditures from the institution's funds. It shall, as often as necessary, elect a president of the institution under its supervision. He shall be the principal executive officer of the institution and be ex-officio a member of the board without the right to vote. The board may elect one of its members or may designate the president to preside at board meetings. Each board of control shall consist of eight members who shall hold office for terms of eight years, not more than two of which shall expire in the same year, and who shall be appointed by the governor by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. Vacancies shall be filled in like manner." — Michigan Constitution of 1963 (ratified 1964), Article 8

April 23, 2019 Board Meeting

  • Dr. Chiara Hensley, receives the 2019 EMU-ACE Distinguished Women in Higher Education Award presented by Provost Rhonda Longworth, President James Smith, and Regent Alexander Simpson.

  • Three EMU Faculty members were recently recognized at the April Board Meeting for their service that was highlighted during the 2019 Week of Excellence. Pictured left to right: Provost Rhonda Longworth, Joseph Breza, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Karen Ann Craig, Assistant Professor of Finance, Megan Moore, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Regent Mary Treder Lang, and President James Smith.

  • EMU Professor Michael Paciorek from the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, was recently recognized at the April Board Meeting for his service that was highlighted during the 2019 Week of Excellence. Pictured from left to right: Regent Eunice Jeffries, Professor Michael Paciorek, Provost Rhonda Longworth, and Dr. Murali Nair, Dean of Health and Human Services.

  • Mark Monarch, former Manager of Technical / Mechanical Trades & Utilities in the Physical Plant was granted with Emeritus Staff Status. Pictured from left to right: Bilal Sarsour, Director of Facilities Maintenance, President Jim Smith, Mark Monarch, and Regent Michelle Crumm.

  • Christina Davis, former Administrative Assistant for the School of Communication, Media & Theatre Arts, was granted Emeritus Staff Status. Pictured left to right: Kathleen Stacey, School Director, School of Communication, Media, & Theatre Arts, President Jim Smith, Christina Davis, and Regent Michelle Crumm.

  • Margaret Goodwin, former Operations Services Specialist Senior for the Office of Information Technology, was granted Emeritus Staff Status. Pictured left to right: President Jim Smith, Ron Woody, Chief Information Officer, Margaret Goodwin, and Regent Michelle Crumm.