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2018 Meetings

Board of Regents: June 16, 2015 meeting

Documents (PDF files):

Please note: Personal signatures within PDF documents have been redacted to protect these individuals from electronic identity theft.

Individual Documents:

Agenda - Agenda

Tab A - Proposed Minutes of the March 17, 2015 General Board Meeting

Tab B - Proposed Minutes of the April 9, 2015 Special Board Meeting

Consent Agenda

Section 1 - Staff Appointments

Section 2 - Staff Separations/Retirements

Section 3 - Emeritus Staff Recommendations

Section 4 - Academic Affairs Administrative/Professional Appointments/Transfers

Section 5 - Faculty Appointments

Section 6 - Faculty Reappointments

Section 7 - Faculty Promotions

Section 8 - Faculty Tenure Appointments

Section 9 - Lecturer Promotions

Regular Agenda
Student Affairs Committee

Section 10 - Report and Minutes

Section 11 - Board Policy Revision: 8.7 - Student Involuntary Administrative Withdrawal

Athletics Affairs Committee

Section 12 - Report and Minutes

Section 13 - FY2015-16 Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Budget

Section 14 - Contract Extension: Head Women's Basketball Coach Salvatore Verdi

Educational Policies Committee

Section 15 - Report and Minutes

Section 16 - 2015-16 Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowships

Section 17 - 2015-16 Sabbatical Awards

Section 18 - Summer 2015 Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program Awards

Section 19 - New Academic Program: Spanish Minor

Section 20 - Charter Schools Board Member Appointments

Section 21 - Approval of 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

Finance and Investment Committee

Section 22 - Report and Minutes

Section 23 - FY 2015-16 Tuition and Fees Recommendation

Section 24 - FY 2015-16 General Fund Operating Budget Recommendation

Section 25 - FY 2015-16 Auxiliary Fund Operating Budget Recommendation

Section 26 - Approval of Purchase Agreement

Section 27 - Approval of Debt Financing

Section 28 - Approval of Extension of University Beverage Rights

Section 29 - Approval of Extension of University Apparel Rights

Section 30 - Board Policy Revision: 12.1.1 – In State Classification for Tuition Purposes

New Business and Presentations

Tab C - President's Report

Tab D - Resolution: Forensics Team

Tab E - Resolution: Poetry Society

Tab F - Resolution: Carnegie Community Engagement Designation

Tab G - Resolution: President Susan Martin

Tab H - Open Communications

Comments from the Chair and Update on Presidential Search


The following items will be prohibited at all meetings of the Board of Regents:

  • Sticks and poles
  • Any noise making devices
  • Backpacks are allowed but subject to search as needed

According to EMU Board Policy 9.4, no person shall possess or use any firearm or other dangerous weapon, concealed or otherwise, on property owned, leased or controlled by the University or otherwise in the course of University business. Further, no person shall possess or use explosive materials, incendiary devices or other dangerous objects or substances on property owned, leased or controlled by the University or otherwise in the course of University business.

We ask that you respect the spirit of this forum and allow all speakers the opportunity to speak and conduct official business. Behavior that disrupts the event or prevents speakers from being heard, or from being able to continue, is prohibited. Failure to comply may result in criminal and/or student conduct code sanctions.

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