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Shipping and Receiving



All researchers must have their research materials shipped to Central Receiving. Items cannot be shipped to personal residences or building loading docks. Upon order, an email will need to sent to Steve Siller ([email protected]) with the following information:

a. Vendor ordered from
b. Items ordered
c. Tracking information and shipper
d. anticipated delivery date
e. Purchase Order number if applicable
If you are ordering multiple items, these can be consolidated in a single document and forwarded.
Please note:
  • Items that require refrigeration can be stored in the refrigerator at Central Receiving for a very brief period of time.
  • Items must be picked up by the requestor. The requestor must call Central Receiving at 734-487-4386 to schedule a time.  Pickups must be scheduled. Walk ins are not permitted.
  • Items cannot be delivered to the buildings unless there is a special circumstance that has been previously approved by Travis Temeyer and Stive Siller. 
  • Large items may be delivered directly to a building. For large items, please work with the vendor to deliver to the building directly.  You will need to be at the building loading dock to receive the item(s).  Shipping and receiving cannot provide staff to assist with the receipt at this time outside of shipment to Central Receiving.  If a large item must be sent to Central Receiving, staff will only scheduling delivery as able. All deliveries will need to be scheduled in advance. It could take up to a week or more for a large item to be delivered unless it can be sent directly to the building and the researcher can accept it directly.


  • If contracts need to be reviewed, these should be forwarded to Legal and Purchasing to review.  Review times are longer than normal.

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