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Human Subjects (IRB)



**  The Office for Human Research Protection in the federal government has published new human subjects regulations, effective January 21, 2019. For more information about the new regulations and how they will affect your research, consult our Revised Common Rule page. Expect longer review times during January to accommodate the transition.




** The UHSRC has new guidance for using gender inclusive language in surveys and interviews




The Eastern Michigan University Human Subjects Review Committee (UHSRC) is the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The UHSRC is responsible for oversight of human subject research conducted by EMU investigators to ensure that human subjects in research are protected. This oversight involves the application of ethical principles and federal regulations concerning human subjects in research. All EMU faculty, staff, and students who are conducting human subject research must submit an application to the UHSRC for review. All studies must be reviewed and approved before beginning any research activities involving human subjects.


Cayuse IRB uses single sign on. Faculty and Staff accounts are added weekly through human resources. Students must submit this form for access to Cayuse IRB.  Access will be available within two business days after submitting the form. The UHSRC is unable to send individual confirmation that students have been added due to the volume of requests received. Students who are unable to log into Cayuse IRB two business days after submitting the form should email


Cayuse IRB maintains a separate support site that uses a separate (user-created) login. It is strongly  recommended that you create an account on the support site. The support site contains helpful resources, including videos showing how to navigate Cayuse IRB, that are only accessible with a support account. 




About the UHSRC

The UHSRC consists of faculty members who volunteer their time and service. The UHSRC is composed of members from every College on campus as well as representation from the community (i.e., members who are not affiliated with EMU). UHSRC members serve 3-year terms with the option of renewal. All high-risk studies will be reviewed by the UHSRC.


The UHSRC uses Cayuse IRB as its submission and document management system. Cayuse IRB supports an online, fully interactive application. 



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