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ORDA provides a variety of tools, resources, and workshops to help find possible funding opportunities that to support your research, scholarly, and creative activity. In addition to providing proprietary search tools, this section please see our Sponsor Guide, which provides important information about the types of sponsors that will assist you in developing a funding strategy. The links to open-source search sites like, the official funding portal for the federal government. We’ve also included a Sponsor Guide that provides general background information about the types of sponsors, how you might select an appropriate sponsor, and other information that is important to identifying a source of funding for your project.

Additionally, ORDA staff can assist you by conducting a funding search for your project.

Some sponsors limit the number of proposals an applicant can submit to specific funding programs. Please keep an eye on our Limited Submissions page for information about upcoming internal competitions, a process EMU uses for selecting proposals it submits to these restricted competitions.

Funding Search Tools

There are several tools to assist you in finding possible funding opportunities to support research, scholarly, and creative activity. Some are proprietary tools provided by ORDA, and others are open-source search sites:

  •, is an E-Government initiative to provide a centralized location for grant seekers to find and apply for federal funding opportunities. has information on more than 1000 grant programs from federal grant-making agencies.  This is a great way to search for federal funding opportunities.
  • Michigan Department of Education grants: Michigan Department of Education provides information about the grants it administers, and maintains, and posts an updated list of grant funding search resources for education.
  • Foundation Center and Foundation Directory Online: The Foundation Center provides a number of resources to identify potential sponsors and for writing grant proposals to private foundations. To use the Foundation Directory Online, please contact your Pre-Award Officer for assistance with your search as EMU has a limited access license.

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