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Cost Sharing

Cost sharing includes all contributions provided to the project that are not paid by the Sponsor. Cost Share can include cash contributions (e.g., funds to purchase equipment), in-kind contributions, (e.g., contributed time), or third party contributions (e.g., space provided by a local agency). Cost-share funds and Sponsor funds constitute the entire project budget.

Cost-sharing funds must:

  •  Be verifiable from the recipient's records (i.e., auditable);
  • Not be from other federally-assisted projects or programs, or be counted as cost share toward other federally assisted projects or programs;
  •  Be necessary and reasonable to accomplish project or program objectives; and
  •  Be allowed under applicable federal cost principles and other regulations.

ORDA can assist PI's in putting together and obtaining support for cost share that enhances a proposal's competitiveness.   

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