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Report of Inventions and Patents

Invention Disclosure and Reporting Requirements:


  • In order to preserve the rights of the University, investigators, and involved companies, as well as meeting institutional obligations under federal law*, it is imperative that the development of new technology be reported immediately to the Technology Transfer Office. Investigators should use the university Invention Disclosure form. The University will make reports in accordance with the contract requirements.


  • Critically important is the disclosure of inventions for all projects where any portion of the funding comes from the federal government, private foundation, or commercial sponsor. Federal law requires prompt disclosure


  • Negative invention statements are sponsor specific and Principal Investigators will be alerted to this requirement.


*Federal law referenced:

37 CFR 401
Rights To Inventions Made By Nonprofit Organizations And Small Business Firms Under Government Contract

FAR: Part 27
Patent, Data, and Copyrights Under Government Contracts

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