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Center Stage 11-10-16: Personal Accounts of Awards & Research-  Stephanie Casey- The Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education with E-Modules [ESTEEM] project

Stephanie Casey

Hi! My name is Stephanie Casey (co-PI) and along with my colleagues Hollylynne Stohl Lee (PI, North Carolina State University), Rick Hudson (co-PI, University of Southern Indiana) and Bill Finzer, (co-PI, Concord Consortium) we were awarded a $1.5 million National Science Foundation Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) grant for our work on the Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education with E-Modules [ESTEEM] project. The project will facilitate the infusion of statistics content and pedagogy into undergraduate mathematics teacher preparation by providing faculty with technological and curricular resources, networking experiences, and ongoing support.

This project builds on the work of three previous research projects by my fellow PIs.  Firstly, ESTEEM builds on the Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology (PTMT, DUE-0442319, 0817253, 1123001) project, led by PI Lee, that supported the development, evaluation, and dissemination of three modules focused on preparing teachers to use innovative technologies to teach mathematics and statistics using dynamic learning tools. The project also builds on the Common Online Data Analysis Platform [CODAP] project (DRL-1435470,, led by Co-PI Finzer, to build a community of educators, curriculum developers, and software developers who wish to bring authentic data science experiences to students. This community is centered on the CODAP software, a flexible, general platform that can be utilized as a tool environment for learners or embedded piecewise in online curriculum materials, being developed by Concord Consortium, a non-profit educational technology laboratory for science, mathematics and engineering. Lastly, it builds on PI Lee’s efforts in developing and offering a Massive Open Online Course for Educators focused on Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations.

Out of this work, ESTEEM will address three primary goals. First, the project will create online resources to support preservice teachers' learning of statistics content, pedagogy, and technology tools. These will include videos of teachers and students engaged in statistics along with expert panel discussions.  Second, the project will design modules and approaches for the preparation of preservice mathematics teachers. Newly created resources, videos, and materials will be packaged into different online e-modules and courses. The e-modules and resources will be disseminated through professional organizations, and ESTEEM will host faculty professional learning seminars prior to national professional conferences. Third, the ESTEEM project will examine how resources and modules are integrated into undergraduate curriculum, examine how well prepared PSMTs are to teach statistics content, and explore sustainable models for institutions using online resources and modules. 

This work is aligned with EMU’s inception as a normal school, when its purpose was to instruct persons in the art of teaching. 

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