All Housing Staff

Our Staff Roles

Each hall and apartment has various levels of trained professional and student staff. During your time here on campus, if you have questions or concerns, the staff is here to help.

Resident Advisor (RA)

Resident advisors (RA) are undergraduate students who live in the residence halls and apartments. Their role is to assist students in their adjustment to college life. The RAs are peer advisors and resources for students, identifying their needs and concerns, and, if necessary, directing them to the appropriate campus offices. RAs are around to help you—they might not realize when you need help, so feel free to ask. Part of their job is to be in “your business” so don’t take offense if they ask you how things are going, about your grades and about your EMU experience. They care about you! The RAs promote a community atmosphere through programming and encouraging resident involvement in community activities. The RA also acts as a representative of Housing & Residence Life and is responsible for enforcing the Eastern Michigan University Student Conduct Code. There are less RAs in the apartments; they are available should you need them. Contact your front desk/office in Brown if you need an RA for assistance.

Office Manager (OM)

The office manager (OM) maintains professional front desk operations in the residence halls. OMs train and supervise office assistants, and oversee the daily operations of their residence hall/community’s front desk. OMs have a wide range of duties, including: facilitating the daily operation and administrative responsibilities of the front desk; being an effective supervisor; communicating safety and emergency procedures; being familiar with campus and community resources; and adhering to the confidentiality regulations.

Graduate Hall Director (GHD)

Graduate hall directors (GHD) are part-time live-in professionals responsible for assisting the complex director. GHDs are primarily responsible for supervising a staff of five to 10 RAs, including training, hiring and developing the paraprofessional staff. GHDs also oversee hall/apartment complex’s program model and have an opportunity to gain exposure by working on departmental committees. A bachelor’s degree is required for this position.

Complex Director (CD)

EMU complex directors (CD) are full-time, live-in professionals. They supervise two to three GHDs, the OMs and indirectly the RAs. Primary CD responsibilities include, supervising GHD and OM staff, creating a positive living and learning environment, supporting academic success, adjudicating student conduct, responding to student issues and administrating their complex. A master's degree in higher education or related field is required.

Graduate Assistant Staff (GA)

The Graduate Assistant Staff (GA) is graduate students that assist the professional staff in directing operations of the department. These positions are considered part of the administrative staff and act as management staff members.

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