Apply for Housing: FAQ

What is the Housing Portal?
The Portal is what you sign into to access the housing application.  Your username and password are needed to be able to access the application portal.

When will the housing application be available again for the 2018-19 academic year?
Open Application will be available starting at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 and continue throughout the summer until fall opening.

What can I do to prepare for the application process before it starts?
A $150 prepayment will be needed.  The prepayment is applied to your Fall 2018 housing costs, and cannot be waived nor charged to your student account. You will want to review and familiarize yourself with the Contract Terms and Conditions, that you will be agreeing to (so READ it!).

Will I be able to complete the contract if I do not make the prepayment?
No.  You will not be able to proceed with the application until payment is made.  The prepayment cannot be added as a charge to your student account.  Be sure that you do not have a financial hold on your student account. Do be sure to have a credit card ready at the time that you start the application.

What if I want to remain in my same room? 
You will only be able to select your current space if it is still available at the time you make application and select a space.

In what instances would someone not be eligible to return to their same room/suite?
Students who currently live in Phelps or Putnam are not eligible to return as those halls are for new incoming freshmen only.  Hill Hall will not be available next year. Students who are in RA suites in Buell, Downing, Best and the Village are not eligible to return to their current room as often those suites change to accommodate the gender of the RA that is assigned.  RAs also have the option of selecting their own roommates.  Some halls (Best, Downing, and the Village) have minimum GPA requirements. Best Hall requires a 3.3 overall GPA and the Village requires a 2.5 overall gpa. If a current resident does not meet the minimum GPA, they will not be able to return to that hall.  Notice: Buildings E and F in the Village are not available for any current resident to return to for next year.

Will I have a room to myself if I do not select a roommate?
No. In designated double rooms, the open space will be available to anyone looking for a space. The Housing & Residence Life Office reserves the right to consolidate the room assignment of a returning resident who places themselves into an open double room without a roommate during the assignment process. If consolidation is necessary, we will attempt to keep you in the hall which you selected.  For this reason we highly encourage students to search for a roommate in rooms where students have already assigned themselves.  You will be able to read their profile before placing yourself into a room.

Can I select a single room?
Single rooms are offered in Hoyt, Pittman, the Village and University Apartments.  A very limited number of singles will be offered in some of the valley halls.  Students are highly advised to give careful consideration to selecting a single as single room costs are not factored in when awarding financial aid funding.  Single rooms cost upwards of $1400 extra per semester which you will likely have to pay out of your own personal funds.  Students have the responsibility of knowing what their specific aid will cover BEFORE selecting a single room. TIP: Each year a number of students are forced to leave the university at the end of the fall semester because they are not able to cover the balance that remains as a result of selecting a single room that they cannot afford. Choose wisely.

Can I have a member of the opposite sex as a roommate?
Yes, but only in University Apartments and in some limited singe suites in Buell.  Students who wish to have a roommate of the opposite sex must contact the Housing Office at for further instructions.

Am I required to have a meal plan?
Yes, if living in any of the residence halls.  Meal plans are optional for students living in the Village and University Apartments.

What if I need a hall that stays open during breaks?
Many of the halls on campus close during scheduled university breaks.  If you need to remain on campus during those break times be certain to select a hall that remains open.  University Apartments, The Village, Hoyt and Pittman all remain open.

TIP: If you do not select a hall that remains open, you will need to find somewhere to stay during scheduled breaks.  We do not offer temporary housing during those times.

Who can I contact regarding questions that have not been addressed in the above FAQs?
Very Important! Direct all questions to  All questions are answered by an administrative professional staff member who knows the correct answer to your question.  Do not rely on what friends tell you, your front desk, your RA, or others who may THINK they know the answers to your questions.  The information that you get from other sources is often wrong.  Only answers that are given via the housing email address are to be considered valid‚Ķregardless of what anyone or any other office tells you.  You are also welcome to come into the Housing and Residence Life office to speak directly with one of our assignment team staff members.

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