First-Year Roommate Groups

Have a friend you'd like to live with next year? You will do so by forming a Group.

Roommate Group size:  2 students who want to live together.

A Group will be assigned one timeslot provided the Group Leader has verified the group!  When the timeslot portion of the Selection Process becomes available in later in June, the Group Leader will assign themselves and their requested roommate to hall and room at the same time.

 How to Form a Group

  • One person needs to be designated as the Group Leader.
  • The Group Leader completes their housing application and creates a name and password for the Group.
  • The Group Leader gives the name and password to their preferred roommate.
  • The preferred roommate then logs into their housing application, enters the name of the Group, and then they add themselves to the group using the Group password that was created by the Leader.
  • After the requested roommate has added themselves to the group, the Group Leader MUST log back into their application and click “Verify Group.” Failure to do so will not only cause the Group to not receive the same timeslot, the Leader also will not be able to place the requested roommate into the room with them.
  • During the assigned timeslot, the Group Leader is responsible for choosing the room for both students in the Group.
  • Students may remove themselves from the Group at any time.
  • The deadline to form a Group is Friday, June 15, 2018.


A timeslot is randomly assigned to all students who apply by June 15, 2018. This timeslot is when you will go back into the application later in June to select a space. 

The Group is assigned one timeslot (provided that the Group was verified). The assigned timeslot is the earliest that a student or group can select a room.  Rooms can be selected at the time of or any time after the assigned timeslot. Timeslots cannot be changed.

Discussions a Group Should Have Before Selecting a Room

  • What type of room do we want to select?
  • What type of room can both students in the group financially afford?
  • What hall does the group want to select?
  • If our desired location and/or room type is not available during our selection timeslot, what is our backup plan?
  • These discussions should be had well before going in to select a room during the assigned timeslot. 
  • The Group Leader will have 5 minutes to make a selection of a hall and room.
  • If the Leader is unable to find a room during those 5 minutes, they will be able to go back in again and have another 5 minutes to select.
  • Once the Leader has select a space for themselves and the roommate, the other roommate needs to go into their application to select a meal plan.

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