Apply for Housing: Same Location

Returning to the Same Room for 2018-19

  • Most students who currently live in the residence halls or on-campus apartments are eligible to return to their same room for next year.
  •  If you plan to return to your SAME ROOM/APARTMENT and you are eligible to do so, you will need to complete the online application, make the $150 prepayment, and select your room during Priority Application. The deadline to apply for and reserve your current room is Friday, February 16, 2018.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you are wishing to renew your current space but desire to request someone different as your roommate, you should NOT click the Renew my Space on the application.  You will need to form a group with your requested roommate and wait for the timeslot portion of the application process.  If you click Renew my Space, you will lose the ability of requesting a specific roommate.  Please note that this may mean having to choose to remain in your current space or having a specific person as your roommate.
  • Be certain that your current room is where you want to be next year. Once you select your current room, you will NOT have the option to go back in during the timeslot portion to select a different room!  If you are looking to live in a different room for next year, do NOT select your current room when making application.  You will need to wait for the timeslot selection phase.
  • Any room not claimed by its current resident during the Priority Application phase will be made available to other students after February 26, 2018. You lose your priority for that room after that date.
  • You will not be eligible to return to your current space if you live in any of the following locations:
      • Phelps Hall
      • Putnam Hall
      • Hill Hall (hall is closing at the end of this school year)
      • Village Buildings E and F
      • Any of the RA suites in Best, Buell, Downing or the Village

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