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Apply for Housing: Res Halls and Apartments

Fall 2015 Applicants:

If you are interested in living on campus for the academic year, you must come to the Housing & Residence Life Office and meet with one of the Assignment staff members to be given access to the application.

You will need to bring a credit card with you to make your $100 prepayment.

Please be advised that you will not be assigned housing without making your prepayment.

Spaces are still available in the Residence Halls. All apartments options are sold-out for the academic year.

Winter 2016 Applicants:

Application Availability

The Winter 2016 housing application will be available on our website starting Thursday, October 22nd, at noon.

The terms and conditions of the Winter 2016 contract can be viewed by clicking here. Students and parents are responsible for reading and knowing these terms of conditions before applying.

Applications will be accepted for the traditional residence halls only and will not include University Apartments as those spaces are full for the academic year. Any openings that might occur in the apartments for the winter will be reserved for our residents who currently live on campus this fall and who have been awaiting open spaces.

Space Availability

We do expect to be able to accommodate any new winter student who wants on campus living in our residence halls, however, spaces are limited.

On the application, you will be asked what hall and type of room you would prefer. Please note that is only a preferred request and does not guarantee that you will receive that particular request. We are limited by what spaces are available at the time you are assigned.

Application and Prepayment Deadline

The deadline to apply and make your prepayment for Winter 2016 is Tuesday, December 22nd, at 5pm. You must complete your application and make your prepayment prior to the closing date and time to be considered. The application will go off-line at 5pm and you will be unable to apply after this date. The application will reopen Tuesday, January 5th, for late applicants.

$100 Prepayment

When starting the application, a $100 prepayment will need to be made as part of the application in order to apply. This cannot be waived or charged to the student account.

All students, including those receiving financial aid funds, are required to make the prepayment in order to proceed with completion of the application.

Please note that if you choose to mail your prepayment for Winter 2016, it must be RECEIVED and PROCESSED prior to 12/22 in order for you to be assigned. No payments are processed during the holiday recess. If you know you will be mailing your prepayment in, we advise that you mail the payment no later than 12/15.

Assignment Notification

Assignments are not made until after the fall semester closes in order to accurately assess what spaces are available.

Information regarding roommate and room assignment will be emailed to the student’s EMU email account after December 23rd. Be sure to check your email after that date for your assignment.

Move-in Date

Move in for the winter semester is Tuesday, January 5th starting at 9:00am.

The University is closed for the holiday break between December 24th and January 4th. As such, no early move-ins can be accommodated as staff will not be here until the 5th. Please plan accordingly!

Contract Terms

The contract is for the entire winter semester. Once a student moves in, they are committed to fulfilling the terms of the contract and will not be eligible for a release unless no longer enrolled at the University.

Students are not released to commute from home or live off campus.

Students need to ensure that they have enough funds to cover their room and board costs PRIOR to moving into the halls.

If using financial aid funds, be sure that you have completed all of the necessary steps listed on your financial aid award letter to secure that funding.

Cancellations ( applies to new winter students only)

If a student finds it necessary to cancel the contract after completing it, notification MUST be made to the Housing & Residence Life Office via our email address at:

Cancellations over the phone are not accepted.

The deadline for a new incoming winter student to cancel their contract is Wednesday, December 23, 2015. by 5pm.

A refund of the prepayment can be made if the written cancellation is received no later than 5pm on December 23, 2015. Cancellations received after that date and time will result in forfeiture of the prepayment.

Please be aware that refunds take at least 6 weeks to process and reflect back onto your credit card.

Faculty/Staff Housing:

Staff/faculty members have a separate application process. Please click here for Faculty/Staff Housing information.