Arts Appreciation

Arts Appreciation

Location: N/A. This community is not being offered at this time.

Dance, art, theatre, music, creative writing—if these pursuits interest you as a profession or hobby, the Arts Appreciation Community will be an extraordinary living learning community for you. Open to students in any major, the Arts Appreciation Community involves exploring multiple aspects of the arts and sharing your views with each other. This community will provide residents a chance to show their work in a student art showcase as well as provide students an opportunity to visit local museums in the southeast Michigan area.

Arts Community Pillars

Music Appreciation

By learning how and for what to listen, students gain an appreciation for different types and genres of music and musical instruments. Rooted deep in history, music is in an inherent and valuable component of our society and our world.

Dance Appreciation

Dance is an art form. Its historical, social and cultural elements enables students to learn and practically apply this knowledge to the physical world.

Theater + Film Appreciation

Many components of acting and production are valuable and prevalent today. Exposure to vocabulary, processes and techniques centered on theater and film enables students to develop critical thinking skills that are applicable to the field.

Art + Literature Appreciation

Purpose, innovation and stimulation equally play a role in the origination of ideas. As students’ knowledge of genres and historical traditions develops, the messages conveyed through literary and art creations become more apparent and meaningful.

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