Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Location: N/A. This community is not being offered at this time.

Students living and learning together in this theme community are dedicated to living conscious, active and healthy lifestyles. The Health and Wellness Community provides opportunities for students to connect through their environment, promote positive change and encourage personal growth. Residents will enjoy programs focused on physical wellness, purposeful decision-making and psychological well-being.

Health and Wellness Community Pillars

Health and Wellness

Students will learn how to improve and maintain their social, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual wellness while balancing academics and extracurriculars.

Community Involvement

Our campus community plays an important and influential role in academic success. Giving back to this community and the greater Ypsilanti area provides students with opportunities to learn about the local environment.


A successful leader is one who aids and supports others in order to achieve a common goal, all while welcoming suggestions and assistance from fellow team members.


Students will find convenience in the ability to communicate with peers and interact with individuals who have similar interests, while forming academic and social support systems.

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