Transfer Student

Location: N/A. This community is not being offered at this time.

This floor is designed for new, incoming transfer students who would like to live in an environment with others who are new to EMU. Share your experience with other transfer students. What better way to immerse yourself in the Eastern community than by making new friends who are also transfer students?

Transfer Student Community Pillars

Academic Integration

Academic success is instrumental in assisting students with feeling connected to campus. Students will learn about academics at Eastern Michigan University through interactions with faculty/staff members and on-campus resources to ensure they are successful.


Making connections on campus and connections to others is linked to a positive college experience. Getting involved with student organizations, attending sporting events and attending on-campus events will provide students with the opportunity to feel connected.

Community Involvement

Our campus community plays an important and influential role in academic success. Giving back to the residence hall community, the greater Eastern Michigan University community, and the Ypsilanti Community provides students with opportunities to learn about the local environment.

Personal Development

One of Eastern Michigan University’s core values is excellence - improving our performance continuously and striving to be the best in everything we do. Students will have the opportunity to learn about character development, intrapersonal relationships, personal identity and life skills that will be of benefit to them after they graduate.

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