Community Representatives

Community Representative positions are available in each community every year! To find out more information regarding the election process, including dates, times and requirements, you can talk to your hall staff such as your Resident Advisor, Graduate Hall Director, or Complex Director, or you can contact RHA directly by email us at [email protected]

Residential Communities

  • Phelps/Sellers Halls
  • Walton Hall
  • Putnam Hall
  • Best Hall
  • Downing Hall
  • Wise Hall
  • Hoyt Hall
  • Pittman Hall
  • The Village
  • The Apartments Communities


Program Director- voice at all meetings, writes agendas, oversees all aspects of programming. Sits on programming board to plan a group program every semester.

Finance Coordinator- works on budget, maintains communication of team, and monitors all records. Meets with financial coordinator individually to give budget updates.

Marketing Coordinator- In charge of all marketing aspects, makes fliers/in hall posters, send materials to Eboard for Social media and Shout outs. Sits on the marketing board to plan out content for the semester.

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