Conduct Process

A basic component of living on campus at Eastern Michigan University is that all students are responsible for their actions, both on and off campus, as members of the EMU community. There are natural consequences for inappropriate behavior.

The Student Conduct Code and University Disciplinary Process is accessible online and applies to all students regardless of class level, place of residence or group affiliation, when they are in or around the residence halls and apartments, and out in the larger community.

“Documented” is the term many people in the college community use to describe the process that occurs when a Housing & Residence Life staff member witnesses and/or reports an incident that may include a violation of a university or residence hall and apartment rules. In most cases, when observing a student who may be violating a rule, the staff member, usually a resident advisor (RA), will identify themselves, communicate which rule may have been violated and request identification of the student(s) involved.

A student documented for an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code will meet with a Residence Life or Student Conduct staff member for an official meeting. The meeting is part of the investigation into what allegedly happened. During a meeting, students are informed of their rights, are able to share information about their situation, and are provided with documentation of the outcome when one is reached.


A student’s conduct file is part of their private, educational record protected by the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act. As such, Residence Life staff members are unable to share details of your student’s conduct file unless a written request for release of information is obtained from the student.

Parental Notification

When students are found to be responsible for violating a drug or alcohol related policy, they may have a letter sent home notifying the parent or legal guardian of the situation. This notification is meant as a means of branching communication between the parent/guardian and student, so we encourage you to discuss the situation with your student and explore avenues for positive decision-making in the campus environment.

Community Living Expectations

The Guide to Campus Living is Housing & Residence Life’s policy book. It falls under the umbrella policies of the EMU Student Conduct Code and Community Standards. Residents receive a copy and are expected to review it.

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