Missing Student

Eastern Michigan University is required by law to provide a means for students to voluntarily provide contact information to be used by the Department of Public Safety in the event a student is designated to be missing. Information provided by the student is kept confidential by the institution.

Under this law, the regulations serving as the basis for providing this mechanism are:

  • If a student is under 18 years of age and not emancipated, the institution must notify a custodial parent or guardian when the student is missing, as well as any additional contact person designated by the student.
  • In the event a student is determined to be missing, the EMU Police Department will be contacted to investigate or to assist the agency handling the missing person case (if missing from off campus). This information will be shared with the agency investigating the case.

Confidentially provide your contact information.

Note: Emergencies should be directed to the Department of Public Safety at 734.487.1222 or 911 if you use a campus line.

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