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Phelps Hall

Phelps Hall

This complex consists of four halls (Walton, Putnam, Phelps, and Sellers). This community recognizes that first year students will need assistance in their transition to EMU.

Phelps Hall Phelps Hall
Phelps Hall Phelps Hall

Suite MeasurementsPhelps Hall

  • Bedroom Area: 12’ x 12’
  • Closet Area: 6’ x 6’
  • Bed: 85.5” x 39”
  • Mattress: Twin Extra Long
    • Clearance under bed Standard 4” Lofted 11"
  • Dresser: 30.5” x 36.5” x 22”
    • Three Drawers
  • Desk: 30.5” x 42” x 22"
  • Closet: 60” x 65”
    • Shared by two residents
  • Window: 56” x 65”

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Dining Services Dining Services
Dining Services RHA
Job Opportunities Dining Services


Phelps Hall
Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Map

Phone: 734.487.1092

Population: Approximately 300
Gender: Some floors co-ed by suite, others single gender.
Room Type: 2 students in one room
Bathroom Style: Shared bathroom with neighboring room

Flooring: Tile

Amenities & Services:

  • In-hall laundry facilities
  • Community kitchen
  • Lounges on every floor
  • Wireless Internet & Cable
  • Service desk 7 days a week
  • Overnight monitored access


  Per Year Per Semester
Double $4610 $2305

Staff Contact

Shalonda Harris Casanova Shalonda Harris Casanova
Area Complex Director
Phelps & Sellers Halls
Kiera Hebert Kiera Hebert
Graduate Hall Director
Phelps Hall