Marilyn Horace-Moore

A photo of Marilyn Horace-Moore

Lecturer I and Undergraduate Advisor for Criminology/Criminal Justice Program

Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology


[email protected]


Interests and Expertise

  • Law enforcement
  • Courts
  • Probation
  • Race issues
  • Discrimination regarding race and females
  • Prison reentry issues


Marilyn Horace-Moore (MA, Eastern Michigan University 1989) is a lecturer I, internship coordinator and undergraduate criminology/criminal justice advisor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology. She has been teaching criminology and sociology courses at Eastern Michigan University since 1994. Prior to becoming a lecturer and advisor in the department, Ms. Horace-Moore was a police officer with the City of Ypsilanti Police Department, retiring as a police lieutenant in 1994. A few of her research issues include: race, discrimination issues and career advising. She works with students at Fast Track and athletic recruiting and believes in equal opportunity for all. She will be celebrating 37 years of marriage and has two children and 11 grandchildren. She enjoys fishing, traveling and meeting new people.