Graduate Certificate in Cultural Museum Studies (CMS)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Cultural Museum Studies (CMS) provides foundational training for professional engagement with the selection, conservation, interpretation, and exhibition of inanimate and living collections.

Special attention is given to the cross-cultural analysis, application, and assessment of the various ways “research exhibit-and-presentation” dynamics affect display design in museums and related institutions and the pedagogical dimension of museological theory and practice.

A flexible curriculum allows for individualized specializations in various aspects of museology, from the ecological impact on definitions of cultural heritage to the application of virtuality to exhibition procedures

For additional information about program and graduation requirements and course descriptions, please see the Catalog. You can also plan your program of study using the Cultural Museum Studies degree planner.  

Graduate Coordinator

Have questions? Need help? Contact the Cultural Museum Studies Graduate Coordinator!

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Dr. Liza Cerroni-Long

Professor of Anthropology

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