Master of Arts in Schools, Society, and Violence (SSV)

This interdisciplinary master’s degree is intended for students who want to pursue advanced studies in conflict, crime, and cooperation in the school context. It is offered through the Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology, and Teacher Education Departments. Students will understand theoretical concepts, methodological techniques, and the application of substantive interdisciplinary knowledge, enabling them to analyze, understand and effectively intervene to reduce harmful relational and institutional practices in school settings. Essential dimensions of the program include a thesis or non-thesis requirement through which students demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply relevant knowledge to address a particular dimension of the problem of school violence.


  1. Through written and oral forms, the ability to analyze complex problems associated with school violence;
  2. An understanding of the larger social, historical, economic, and ideological context producing violent social relations within schools;
  3. Competence in qualitative and quantitative research methods; and
  4. The ability to create positive solutions to school violence.

For additional information about program and graduation requirements and course descriptions, please see the Catalog. You can also plan your program of study using the Schools, Society, and Violence (MA) degree planner. If you enrolled prior to Fall 2022, your degree planner is here. If you enrolled Fall 2022 or later, your degree planner is here.

Graduate Coordinator

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Dr. Tricia McTague

Associate Professor of Sociology

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